Software included for the rear view system

The software is downloaded from the Google App sore or the App store on your IPhone.
The App is called XDV. This allows the communication of your rear camera with your mobile phone.

In order to have the Phone to oerate as the screen you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Switch On the WiFi connection on the WiFi transmitter on the camera. As soon as this is on you should see the WiFi name and the password.
  2.  Open the XDV App and the software will ask you to select the WiFi you want. (if is recommended you disconnect the mobile phone from the local WiFi connection before connecting to the camera WiFi). Once the software recognises the WiFi connection it will jump into the Video Streaming at
  3. At this point you can place your mobile phone on the universal support and begin your ride.
  4. IF you want to extend the battery duration of the system and enjoy it for hours, your can install the external battery pack.