Installing the hardware

Installing the hardware on your bicycle

There are two types of installations:

  1. The basic installation where you have only the smart phone at the front and the rear view camera at the back of the bicycle.
  2. The Battery extension kit installation.Advanced installation.

Basic Installation.

The basic installation is the easiest of the two. This only last  a few minutes, between 10 to 15 minutes in most cases. It involves the installation of your mobile phone on the front bar and the portable camera at the back of your bicycle.  This does not involve the installation of any cables, therefore it is pretty Straight Forward. Find more at website.


Advanced installation.

USB cable connecting the external battery bank to the mobile phone and the rear camera.

The Advanced installation involves the installation of the Bicycle Bag and the two cables to connect the supplementary battery bank to both mobile device and the camera. This is a USB cable which is firmed up using cable strips to the frame of the bicycle.  All you have to do is simply running the cables from where you placed the embeddeb bag to where the cabera  and the mobile phone is.



General Quick Demonstration Video.

The following video will show you the standard installation including the external battery pack which allows you not only to extend the battery life of the system but also will allow you to keep the camera and mobile phone mounted on the biuke overnight instead of needing to take them off to recharge them individually. Also we will show you some different mounting option of the system.