Extending the battery duration.


The main issue with rear view systems as well as the modern smart phones is their relative short battery duration.  This is due to the intensive power demand required by the APPs running in the mobile phone and the WiFi transmitter in the camera device. This is an easily solved problem by simply using external power bank/s.


What we include in this battery extension option.

  1. Bag mountable onto the bicycle fame. This can also accommodate much more that the battery bank only.
  2. One battery bank 8000 mAh with two external output USB ports. One to feed the mobile phone and the other feeding the  camera. Approximate continous use of the rear view system: 12 hours.
  3. Three USB cables. 30cm USB cable to recharge the battery bank when you are home. 1.3 Meter USB cable to connect to the Mobile phone. 1.3 Meter USB cable to connect the battery bank to the camera.
  4. Clips to fix the two USB cables (feeding the mobile phone and the camera) to the bike frame.

Price 129 GBP Including UK Delivery


Mobile phone battery duration during intensive use.

The mobile phone battery duration ranges between 2 hours and 4 hours depending on the applications run during your ride and the smart phone model you are using. You can easily use an external battery bank by placing it into an bag holder and connecting it to your mobile phone. This will keep your mobile phone keep going for lettrallyy days depending on the capacity of the battery bank you are using.


The camera battery duration. 

These cameras have relatively short battery duration spanning from one hour to 2 hours depending on the model you are using. The main component drawing intense power is the WiFi transmitter in the camera which communicates with the mobile phone. Another battery bank or both battery bank powering the mobile phone and the camara can extend the use of both devices for hours.



The advantages of having an external battery bank:

The added advantage of using only one relatively large battery bank is that at the end of your ride you only need to recharge your battery bank because both devices will be left at full charge by the battery bank by default. This meands that you will only need to take the battery off the holder and recharge it overnight and you will be ready to go for another long ride without worrying about the duration of your rear view system the next day.

  1. Long duration of both devices: Mobile Phone and Camera. This means that you can enjoy your ride where ever you are going without worrying of how much battery left you have on your devices.
  2. No need to take off the Camera and the mobile phone off your bike for recharging. All you need to do is simply take off the battery bank and place it to recharge from any standard USB outlet, or your laptop, or any device capable of recharging the any mobile phone using a USB port. So all you have to do at the end of your ride is disconnect the battery bank and place it to recharge.
  3. Extra storage space in your bag.



What type of battery bank is preferred to keep the system going.

This is completely up to you. You can purchase online any type of external battery bank for mobile phones to keep both your mobile phone and the rear camera.  The higher the capacity of the battery bank the longer the duration of the overall system. Normally with a 10.000 mAh battery bank which supplies both camera and mobile you can carry on for over 12 hours of continuous use of the entire system.

Example of external battery bank with two USB output ports. One feeds the Camera at the back of the bike and the other feeds the Mobile phone.

You can also opt for two battery packs. One feeding the mobile phone and the other the camera. However this does not only increase the cost but it makes it slightly less convenient because then you have to recharge two separate batteries. We found the one battery bank to the best option. This is because you only have to recharge one battery at the end of your ride and this is much more convenient. Also one battery bank is sufficient to keep you going for several hours anyway.


Where to store the external battery/ies bank.

There are several solutions to how you can store the battery bank. We found that a bag installed on the bike frame is the best solution. This is because the USB cables can be easily run along the frame of the bike and connect to the mobile phone to recharge it and the camera at the back of the bike to keep it going for several hours.