About the System

How was bike rear view system born?

While cycling to work, Areton Ltd’s Managing Director, Andreas Russo was overwhelmed by the driving of the metropolitan area of Guangzhou, south of China. The cars where driving unpredictably close to his road bike. This made him not at ease, he could not simply keep turning back constantly or grow a pair of eyes on his back. So he decided to look for a solution on the internet, to his surprise he could not find any. So he decided to focus his energy for a few months in trying to solve this problem. After all as a technologist he knew the problem was relatively easy to solve.

In the past we kept looking back. Not Today!

Looking back constantly is not only uncomfortable and it cannot be sustained for long rides in busy roads. You cannot simply keep looking back every time you hear some vehicle coming up. In a busy road there are simply too many vehicles. So you will soon find yourself getting used not to mind what is going on behind you, but this does not mean that the danger is not coming to hit you some day.