One of the issues of bicycle riders are blind spots, especially at the rear. As you have ridden a bike on a busy road you feel the lack of control over what is coming behind you. This is a common issue amongst bike and and especially bicycle riders. This is what this website will help you with. Here you will find all the products you need in order to have a clear real time vision of what is coming  behind you.

Several studies have shown that up to 40% of cycle accidents occur when the cyclist is hit from behind. Usually the cyclist is not seen in time and some are overtaken with insufficient clearance. Also the cyclist is not even aware of the danger at all because he/she does not have any rear view system.

Rear mounting camera example.

When you are riding a bike you know that it is hard for you to see what is going on behind you and often the difference in speed between you and the other motor vehicle is usually significant. This difference in speed and the lack of rear view on bicycles cause constant potential danger to the rider. Typically the speed of impact is high and many of these accidents cause serious injury. This is what this website focuses on, providing you with the solutions to cover these blind spots.

Our Camera solutions provide Live Video Streaming to your smartphone over WiFi, live stream video recording and the capture of still images on mobile devices running Android 4.0 and IOS 7.1 or higher.

Rear Mount Camera Example

Also our cameras have an SD card slot which enables you to record the entire ride if you wish to do so.

Bikeoculus is set to reinvent cycle safety by giving cyclists a better view of what’s behind them. Bikeoculus acts like your rear-view camera in your car. With real-time rear-vision viewing, complete with photo and video capture at up to 75 metres distance and 2 hours of battery life, Bikeoculus provides increased awareness of traffic approaching from behind and retrospective video recording of dangerous events. A cyclist with our camera systems, can identify risks behind them early and take evasive action to avoid danger.


WiFi connection.

Wireless technology allows the easy real time connection with your monitor (mobile phone). A few years back any real time view system had to be hard wired and this was impractical and time consuming hence too difficult to most users. Today this is not necessary due to the ease of wireless connection.


Smart Mobile Phones.

Having your smart phone installed in front of your bicycle or bike is definitely a good idea. This is because today’s smart phones can be used as a camera, and GPS navigation system. This makes your smart phone a very useful tool while you are riding.


Battery Duration.

Battery duration is one of the most challenging problem. This is easily solved using the external battery packs easily available on the market.


Fast and Easy Set Up.

The set up is fast and intuitive. Once you have installed your camera at the rear of our bicycle or motorbike, simply dowwload the App form the app store and off you go.


Buy your kit .

The kit includes:

  • Rear view camera and mount kit to install the camera at the back of your bicycle.
  • Universal bicycle smartphone mount. In this way once you receive your kit you can install your system in minutes without the need to order extra parts.
  • Dedicated free app you can download from your app store.

We have several options you can choose from.



What you have to buy separately?

Your Smart Phone.



Extra accessories:

  •  Bike external battery bank. One for your mobile phone and one for your camera system. This includes the battery bike mount holders.




About the solutions currently available on the market.

It is possible to buy different components on the market cheaply and assemble you own real time view system. However this is not for everyone and we bring to you ready made products for this application.